Embedded C Engineer


Currently, Praxa Sense is looking for an electrical engineering or a computer science student who is interested in an opportunity to translate an existing algorithm to C on a microcontroller. The algorithm evaluates the ECG signal quality measured from a human body which will be used in detecting heart rhythm diseases like Atrial Fibrillation (AF).


AF is the most common cardiac arrhythmia, affecting around 3% of adults and 10% of those aged above 75 years. Heart rhythm diseases are hard to recognize due to the nature of the symptoms. Current tools used in the medical field are not suited in early diagnosis because of the short measuring times and inefficient algorithms. We will bridge this gap by enabling early diagnosis with a long-term user-friendly device. By detecting heart rhythm diseases early, serious consequences, like strokes, can be prevented.


We are looking for a (WO/HBO) bachelor/master student in computer science or electrical engineering, a team worker who is strong and proactive in communication and wants to learn and exercise his/her knowledge in practice. The student should have a basic understanding of programming in (embedded) C and affinity with mathematics and algebra.


Praxa Sense is a medical tech start-up company located in the inspiring environment of YES!Delft and currently working on developing Afi: An unobtrusive long-term monitoring device that will enable the early detection of AF.


- A young and professional and yet down-to-earth team with different expertises

- Lots of freedom to implement your ideas

- Opportunity to be hired after study

- Internship compensation €300,- per month

- Free lunch every working day and free beers on Friday!

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